If you are new to climbing we have a couple options to get you started up the walls. Pick the option that best fits your needs, read through details and rules below, then fill out a waiver and come on down!


Picking up a new activity can be a little intimidating, but we’re glad you stopped by! Before you’re ready to get started, here are a few things you should know about what Cirque is able to offer for your first-time climbing experience:

  • BUILDING CAPACITY: 60 People total, no spectators – Anyone in the building must purchase a Day-Pass, or have an active Membership. 
  • WALK-IN HOURS: Day-Pass Sales are available Monday-Friday from 11 AM – 3:30 PM, and All Day Saturday and Sunday. No reservations required!
  • WAIVERS: All participants must have a valid safety waiver on file. Waivers for people under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, no exceptions.
  • NEW CLIMBERS: First-time climbers over the age of 13 will be able to use the Auto-Belay System and the Bouldering Wall without prior training.
  • 12 YEARS AND YOUNGER: Climbers under the age of 13 must be actively supervised by an adult, and will only be able to use the Auto-Belay System, unless accompanied by a Belay-Certified Adult in the Top-Rope area; Bouldering Orientation for supervised kids under the age of 13 is not available at this time. 
  • CHILD SUPERVISION: Each child under the age of 13 must accompanied by a supervisor on a one-to-one ratio. Supervision should include active spotting, assistance with auto-belays, and proper belaying technique for belay-certified adults. 
  • BELAY TRAINING: First-time Belay Training is only offered as scheduled classes, booked at least one day in advance. For more information, check out CLASSES
  • GROUPS: Due to current restrictions, we are unable to accommodate groups of six (6) people or more, and reserve the right to deny entry to groups based on immediate business conditions. 
  • EQUIPMENT: Rental Gear is available for an additional cost.


  • TOP-ROPE BELAY: If you are an experienced climber and you know how to belay you will need to take a proficiency test before you may belay in our gym. 
    • For the belay test you must demonstrate proficiency in tying in to the rope using a figure eight follow through knot, going through safety checks, proper communication, and proper belay and lowering technique.
    • All top-rope lines are preloaded with a Grigri; you do not need to bring your own belay device. 
  • LEAD CLIMB/LEAD BELAY: Lead Climb tests are allowed based on gym traffic and staff availability.
    • For the lead climb test, you must bring your own rope, belay device, and lead-belay partner, either someone is testing concurrently or who has already achieved Lead certification at Cirque.
    • Be prepared to demonstrate safe climbing and belay technique, including proper clipping, foot placement, giving/taking line, taking/catching falls, and other precautionary practices. 
    • Lead tests will be conducted at a minimum 5.9 climbing grade.


  • MASKS: Masks On, Up, All-The-Time, Everyone over the age of two (2) years old.
  • SALES: Sorry, we are not accepting cash at this time.
  • FOOD: Please no food in the building; drinks allowed.
  • DISTANCING: Distancing of at least 6 FT is still highly encouraged.
  • COVID-19 SYMPTOMS OR CONTACT: If you show active symptoms of COVID-19 or have known contact with someone carrying COVID-19, entry to the gym will be denied.