Mike Boyer


Nickname/Preferred Name: Mike

Animal Mascot: Magua

Best Thing About Cirque: Community

Esteban Pinto

Gym Director

Nickname/Preferred Name: Esteban

Animal Mascot: The Mighty Hippo

Climbing Jam: Overhanging jugs in a cave somewhere pretty 

Best Thing About Cirque: Our tight-knit community

Favorite Adventure: Climbing in Sardinia, summiting Cotopaxi in my home country of Ecuador and sea-kayaking down the coast of Georgia.

Fun Facts: Born in Ecuador, grew up in North Carolina where I started rock climbing and went to school down in Savannah, Georgia where I realized I never wanted a normal job while working as a guide for Sea Kayak Georgia. 


Head Setter

Nickname/Preferred Name: Shane

Animal Mascot: Bear

Climbing Jam: Large throws on small holds

Best Thing About Cirque: My coworkers

Favorite Adventure: Farming in Costa Rica

Fun Facts: Survived a fatal stab wound when I was in the 4th grade


Front Desk / Setter

Nickname/Preferred Name: Lauren      

Animal Mascot: Hedgehog

Climbing Jam: Tiny fingers and toes on slab, really high steps

Best Thing About Cirque: Gym dogs! And their people! 

Fun Facts: Celebrating the 10th anniversary with my cat in 2022, she enjoys traveling with me by air, land, and sea.


Front Desk / In-House Artist

Nickname/Preferred Name: Kristi    

Animal Mascot: I might have to fight Shane for bear. 😉

Climbing Jam: Crimps. As for place, I have many memories attached to Vedauwoo, our dogs running around in all of that space, the massive formations to climb and explore, great times with friends. 

Best Thing About Cirque: Community, for sure. Y’all are the best. 

Favorite Adventure: That time we sold our house, quit our jobs and moved to Wyoming for 5 years – we had never seen it, had no jobs, knew no one. This was before cell phones and internet ruined adventures. 

Fun Facts: One of my degrees is in Art and I have worked as an artist for many years – fun to use those skills at Cirque as well. My other job outside Cirque is as a mediator working primarily in special education. 


Front Desk

Nickname/Preferred Name: Sam

Animal Mascot: Any lab that’s slowing down will forever have my heart. If I have to pick one, it’d be my 2 year old lab, Wrigley!

Climbing Jam: Easy! A pink V4 set at Cirque in 2018! It led to meeting four incredible people that turned climbing into what it is for me today.

Best Thing About Cirque: Heading out to the back deck on a summer night with the crew!

Favorite Adventure: The next one.

Fun Facts: That’s for you to decide!

Zion Riley

Front Desk / Setter

Nickname/Preferred Name: Zion

Animal Mascot: TBD

Climbing Jam: Crimps

Best Thing About Cirque: The grade-A pebble wrestling

Favorite Adventure: Climbing in Thailand

Fun Facts: Warehouse Rock Gym climbing team for 2 years


Front Desk

Nickname/Preferred Name: Tasha!

Climbing Jam: Anything crimpy and scary

Best Thing About Cirque: It introduced me to something that I never thought I’d be this obsessed and passionate about

Favorite Adventure: Moving to Washington after growing up in the Las Vegas desert and discovering the outdoors!

Fun Facts: I am a tattoo apprentice at Sorry Mom Ink in Olympia!

Cheyenne Salazar

Front Desk

Nickname/Preferred Name: Chy          

Animal Mascot: Hayduke 

Climbing Jam: Crack climbing (trad)/Indian Creek

Best Thing About Cirque: The inclusive community!

Alix Bliss

Front Desk

Nickname/Preferred Name: Alix

Animal Mascot: One-horned Bull

Climbing Jam: Leavenworth

Best Thing About Cirque: The community is very positive and uplifting, making it a good home-away-from-home.

Fun Facts: I once worked as a Christmas elf.


Front Desk

Nickname/Preferred Name: HAYDUKE

Animal Mascot: MYSELF!

Climbing Jam: FREE-SOLO

Best Thing About Cirque: PUPPER FRIENDS


Setting at Cirque occurs on Sunday afternoon, beginning at 2:30 PM, with fill-ins on Monday and Wednesday mornings. If you have noise sensitivity to drills, you may want to avoid coming in at these times. Our setting rotation switches each week between Boulder Routes and Top-Rope/Lead Routes. 


Mon. - Fri. 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
Sat. 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
Sun. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


8276 28th Ct. NE 
Lacey, WA 98516