COVID-19 Temporary Closure:

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your on ongoing support. Watching things day by day has presented us all with difficult choices about where and how to interact with our community and maintain our own health and safety. Finding a balance between keeping our staff employed and keeping them safe was a terrible thing to wrestle with. The Governor’s proclamation last night took one of those difficult choices out of our hands, but we also support the decision to keep our community safe by reducing the spread of Covid-19. This closure will last until at least the end of the month, but may last longer – stay tuned for updates. We will return!

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best during this tough season, and look forward to seeing you again when we reopen. ♡


Cirque Climbing is a small, locally owned business employing people from the local area; they along with our members (you!) are the community that helped build this gym. As a member you directly affect our ability to pay our employees.

We ask those of you who are financially able, to stick with us in these difficult times. We understand that this may not be an option for all of you. Thank you for making a difference!


Welcome to Cirque Climbing Gym! The premiere destination for indoor climbing and fitness in the South Sound. Come in and enjoy: 3,500 ft² of bouldering and 11,000 ft² of roped climbing with 46 top rope anchors. 26 lead anchors, and climbs over 45 ft high.