On Summer Break! Stay tuned in Fall ’23

Adult Rock Club is a Members-Only group activity to motivate and support fellow climbers through workouts, games, and projects. It is a time dedicated to gaining knowledge, growing community, and becoming a safer, healthier climber! ARC meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 – 8 PM. 

Pre-Pay Only: 30$/Month

  • Introducing strength training, flexibility, technique, and climbing exercises.
  • Emphasising injury prevention and overall health.
  • Helping form community, build toward competitive goals, and motivate through group training.
  • Teaching routines, drills, games, and activities that can be applied in any active setting to improve strength, flexibility, and confidence.
  • Presenting new material in a way that encourages questions, promotes collaboration, and is accesible to all skill-levels and experiences represented in the group.