Adult Rock Club is a Members-Only group activity to motivate and support fellow climbers through workouts, games, and projects. Join our rotating instructors, Leo and Keeva, for this time dedicated to gaining knowledge, growing community, and becoming a safer, healthier climber! ARC meets every Monday from 6:30-8:30 PM.

$6 Drop-In Rate

$20 Prepaid Month

*12 Person Maximum – Sign up early to guarantee a place!

*Punch Card, Auto-Bill, and Prepaid Members Only

ARC focuses on community, core, climbing, and open discussion around relevant topics like training, mentality, technique, and philosophy. Leo and Keeva each bring technical experience, sincere dedication, and unquenchable enthusiasm to every session!

Example Structure:

  • Warm-Up (25 mins, rotating focus)
  • Climb (60 mins, challenges & discussion)
  • Flex Routine (20 mins, with suggestions for at-home routines)
  • Core (10 mins)