Intermediate Technique is our next-step Members-Only Bouldering class. An intermediate climber at Cirque is someone who already knows many basic climbing techniques, is gaining skill quickly, and might be reaching the first plateau of their climbing career. This class focuses on developing better body positioning, advanced heel hooks, breaking down a route through visualization and sectioning, injury prevention, and warm-up routines. 

$35 for Punch-Card, EFT, and Pre-Paid Members

Before joining the Intermediate class, your current bouldering flash grade should be most of our Blue Tag (V3-V4) and some of our Red Tag (V5-V6) routes. 

Members-Only; Must have, or be planning to purchase, an active Punch-Card, EFT, or Pre-Paid Membership prior to the date of the class.

Participants must be at least 13 years old.

To Schedule a Private Coaching session, email