Classes are 4 sessions long and typically meet 2 weeks in a row on Monday and Wednesday. For specific dates per month, please call us! 

Beginner group ages 7-9 will meet from 4-5 PM.

Kids group ages 10-14 will meet from 5-6 PM. 


Classes for kids who want to have fun and get more out of their climbing experience!


$60 per child for 4 sessions (all rentals included)

Kids 7-9

Designed for kids who have never climbed before, or have tried it only once or twice. Participants will learn basic level skills to improve their performance – this is a fun way to build some strength and stay active during the rainy season.

Kids 10-14

Intended for kids who already have some climbing experience, would like to build on their existing skills, and want to start climbing seriously. We will go over some techniques that are used in climbing as well as some basic training exercieses. This is a great class for kids who have completed the beginner course and want to take the next step! This class is also the next step for kids who want to join the climbing team.


You can schedule lessons and clinics for your kid by appointment. Give us a call and we will find a time that works best for you!